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Roya International Trade 

         By Roya Group


Our services

 International Relations Network

Roya Group has worked over the years to build strategic relationships and partnerships in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Thanks to this network and our presence in Brussels - Baghdad - Dubai - Guangzhou  we were able to be trusted by major international companies in various fields and to offer Our services with confidence and professionalism

Different Fields

Thanks to our international partnerships and experience, we can work to meet all your commercial and industrial needs of machinery, equipment, industrial and food materials from international companies , with all

areas and the best prices

Today, we are working to provide exclusive deals and contracts to our clients and take care of all negotiation, agreement and logistical operations 

Development and Consulting

Thanks to our diverse experience in the field of management and development, we provide our clients and partners with administrative, logistical and marketing support and consulting, with creative ideas and a future outlook 

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Years of Experience

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Some of our partners around the World

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Roya International Trade Group started working directly from our offices in Baghdad, Brussels and Guangzhou, China, by providing services to companies and meeting their needs from China and Europe in terms of machinery, industrial equipment and foodstuffs.

.and others

In 2020, the company began to provide exclusive contracts and deals , where we worked to manage our clients' commercial partnerships with international brands in various fields, and we were able to obtain a number of exclusive  agreements for our clients from these companies. .

In the year 2022, our area of work expanded to other countries, such as India, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the United Arab Emirates and also did our company and our team, who are present in several countries and speak several languages. 

After years of experience and investment in our customers, Roya International Trade has risen with the launch of our first brand (Vendo) from a commercial and consulting services company to (Roya- Group)

It includes several companies and brands in various fields, which is our future's (vision -Roya in Arabic) that we dreamed of, and we will work to develop it in order to build a holding group with innovative and renewable future ideas and projects 


About us

Our vision

United Arab Emirates- Dubai

Russia -Moscow

India - Mumbai

Perugia - Italy


Avenue de l'Exposition 408

Brussels - Belgium

Tel: +32 484 92 68 73

Karradah str 904 - Bagdad - Iraq

Jabbal Ali district 22/2 Dubai - UAE

Tel: +964 771 860 8316

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Europe Office - Brussels

Middle East Offices:  Baghdad - Dubai

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